National "Leave Work Early Day". Run home now and have afternoon sex

Cuddle2 I love those crazy event days that are listed in the international directory of special occasions. Everything from "take your mailman to lunch" to "nude recreation week". Today, June 2nd, is Leave work early (and bang your partner like a pooch in heat) Day. Well, I added the last part, but as your sex therapist (and how many real live – not wannabe sex therapist's do you actually know?), I want more people to make love not war. Take part of your day to give your partner a squeeze and get some. "what the world needs now"…. 

Afternoon sex is always my favourite. I'm always horniest during the day. Men typically have the highest testosterone rates first thing in the morning, but women really like a quick nooner, or afternoon delight. I can even write you a prescription (I have brand new prescription pads) for sex. "For medicinal value, the bearer of this note shall be excused from work, class, mowing the yard or whatever they are supposed to be doing, to leave work early and go home and practice their sexual techniques."  signed, Sue McGarvie, Clinical sex therapist.

There, you have no excuse. Forward this blog to your sweetie, and plan on signing out for sex. Consider it your mandate today.