Midori, the world famous Dom teaching role playing

Wildsidesex_1 So my tribute to Halloween this year was by taking a Midori workshop on role playing. Midori, a Japanese American from San Francisco, is one of the world’s leading sex presenters in the area of kinky and fetishes. She put on a fabulous workshop on dressing up and playing naughty/good girl, and naughty/good boy in a variety of ways.  Loads of props (and I didn’t lift any, despite the temptation), I got to play out both my cheerleader and doctor play in dialogue with another sex educator. It was fun, although there was more emphasis on the education rather than the heat.  But if my husband ever gets back rom hunting season I may play game warden and bad hunter/poacher with him. 

As a group we came up with a list of role playing scenarios. I wrote down and bunch here and will be brainstorming on any I may have missed. Knock yourself out trying to play them all, but given all the old Halloween costumes are on sale right now, you can get a great costume box at a fraction of the price.