Men as dogs…is it true?

So by now you may have discovered my secret obsession for schmaltzy chick lit. Chocolate and very light reading (I haven’t sunk as low as the bodice rippers, but they too have their appeal). Anyway, I’m in the book store yesterday and start flipping through a few books with a similar theme.  “So, he’s not that into you, Humble Howard’s book about men are snakes, and  Clare Naylor’s book Dog Training, “A good man is hard to train” cheeky, funny novel kept popping up between books on happily ever after, and getting the love you deserve. The idea that men are pigs, dogs, snakes (you name the species) when it comes to treating women well in relation to casual sex seems to come up over and over. Guy can do some bovine behaviour, and often can seemingly have a one track mind.  But can they be trained out of it?
I don’t know if I buy that. I think men are opportunistic, but then so are many women. You want to understand men, know that they are indeed ruled by their glands and have never, ever, been too busy to call a woman they were interested in.  The men I talk to describe their daily desires as accomplishing the big deal, (either in business or on the golf course), throwing down their woman and screwing her, eating, throwing down their woman and screwing her, fantasizing about having sex with other women, multiple women, sleeping, then repeat. I think men have hopes, dreams desires and aren’t that shallow, but they spend their days with the horniness buzzing around their heads to the point of distraction. Face it, men, like women are altogether entirely human.
I’m exploring the concept of training them (a la puppy 101) and I’ll keep you posted after I get through the stack of boy training books I bought yesterday. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it does work…. 0345453387_01__bo2204203200_pisitbdp500a