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Cheeky Tomatoes
A Women’s Makeover group – Find your toes, kick start your hormones, learn what you could look like with a little expert polish. It’s for women who want to feel better, look better and re-claim their sexy selves. Cheeky Tomatoes is a new reality based multimedia program using television, social media and print.
CT tackles how to go from being doughy to daring with a six week overhaul. Feeling the love with a like-minded supportive group this small test group will improve health, fitness, and happiness. At least that’s the goal. The show will be unique as the host and therapist will be both leading and participating all the being authentic ( that means cursing when she stubs her toes on the fitness equipment). The process will give viewers the tools to change their own lives.
The show is made up of a crazy team of Bonita the brainy social media intern, Trav the streeter guy (who looks like the lead singer of Twisted Sister) and host Sue McGarvie who Oxygen network calls “North America’s funniest and sassiest Therapist”. The Cheeky Tomato pilot will lead seven women (including Sue – do what you do, not what you say) on a six week makeover. Everything from food, fitness, great relationships, and beauty the Cheeky Tomatoes will show you that you can re-invent yourself with grace, kindness, humour all the while trying not to worry about the muffin top hanging over your sweat pants. Candid, warm, and inclusive this show gives everyone the tools (using the latest in research, life coaching and state of the art expert help) to re-design their bodies inside and out. Love and Lipstick has a mantra that states that “the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships”. Cheeky Tomatoes will make sure that the relationship with yourself leads into great relationships with others.
The show will choose six women between 35 and 50 who are motivated to work hard, be honest and have a great attitude to be the participants in a life changing experience. The audio and video will follow them on their trials and use new social media to make the tools available to audio and video streams as well as conventional media.
Production begins in September 2010. Experts include Dr. James Lacey plastic surgeon/laserbotox doc par excellence, Melody the make-out make up guru from Smashmouth, and Linda from Flash on fashion and style (and tons more!). Sue will take the lead on issues of libido and great relationships, and the team from Premier Fitness will put those muscles to work.
Follow these women as they connect, curse, cry, kibitz, carry-on, and re-create themselves.
Write the team at radioshrink@rogers.com for more information.