Keeping the Romance alive. Sexy things to do Valentine’s week

Date nights are mandatory. Imperative. Essential for having the relationship you want.

I was asked a few times about new suggestions for Valentine’s week.

I’m big on watching one of the easy Youtube cooking classes or TikTok food suggestions. Cooking together is sexy.

I love the cheap toys at pink cherry (and you get loyalty points!). You can get a bullet for $2.95, furry handcuffs for $6 and clitoral & penis pumps for $25.

The fun game Taboo has just come out with an adult version. It’s a naughty thing to try on a cold winter’s night. Here are the links for apple ios and android.

I’m also a big fan about sex toys form the hardware store. We had to go in to get a new ice scraper and wandered around with the tieups and drop sheets. We hurried home after that.

The date night we did last week while picking up shwarma was stop in at the local Goodwill store while waiting for the takeout a few stores down. I challenged my partner to find the most inappropriate t shirt in 10 minutes. The favourite one we got my partner ended up sending to his brother. You can also browse the sexy clothing items, or try on hats. It’s about fun and doing something outside your comfort level.

I’m going to make a point to publish a few suggestions every week. Being mindfully sexy with your partner is as important as communicating. I posted the study in December about the reasons why sexy date nights are as significant as communicating with humour, not threatening the relationship, and trying to put your partner’s needs ahead of your own in creating intimacy.

Stay with it. It pays big dividends.