It's all downhill from here

The common belief is that women hit their sexual peak about age 37.  Considered the power age for women, your body has learned all that it needs to know, and your hormones are happy bubbling away at top performance about then. After that it’s downhill in terms of basic the biology of desire, interest and abilities. Or so so leading endocrinologists say. Sigh.  As I rapidly approach 40, I’m going through the mid life panic that sets in when one hits major milestones. We may be like men, who peak at the age of 19 when their erections are the hardest, they recover the quickest, and can shoot the farthest. It doesn’t mean they know shit about women, but they are little rabbits in terms of desire, and abilities.Sue3

So what doesn it mean for women (like me )who are past the use before date?  It means we need to take better care of ourselves, and increase our sexual activity, (I don’t know if it’s possible, as I chase my partner around the house as it is), and work hard on improving the quality of our sexual responses. This is the time to start exploring tantric sex, dessicrated liver tablets, (keep your hormones balanced) and buying ourselves a hot new sex toy. My friend patti beleives that every woman should have a vibrator fairy that delivers you a new toy for your 40th birthday.  So as I get ready to celebrate my 40th, and look at the dawning of a New Year, my resolution will be to be the randiest, most sexually fulfilled middle aged woman around. You with me on that?