is that semen running down your leg?

Semen The problem of sex and gravity.

No, I don’t mean the difficulty in hanging upseide down from the chandeliere during sex.  I mean the running-down-the-inside-of-your thigh-mess after sex.

Most women understand thatwhat I’m talking about. The phenomenon, when after sex, you have to run to the bathroom to get a towl to hold between your legs so you won’t gush…

The loving spoonful he’s just deposited, starts to liquifies once it has a few minutes in the warmth of the vagina, and then starts it’s downward ooze. Some women claim that if you get to the bathroom fast enough, you can deposit it as the quarter size dollup into the toilet.  This is why you need to have a bath, washcloth or better yet, a bidet to clean up after sex.  Otherwise you start smelling like a used condom that has been forgotten in the wastepaper basket…ick. Sperm

I’ve had a question recently, from a bunch of patients who noticed that their semen wasn’t as robust as usual.  Semen can change with diet, age, prostate problems, medication etc.  Given the mess it cause, a little less of a good thing might just be a great thing.