How to seduce someone new, and other parlor tricks

Seduction This Robert Greene’s book called The Art of Seduction (An Amazing read!)  he’s almost nepharious (in the most interesting possible way) about how to turn yourself into a sex Goddess like Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, or Eva Perron, or a player like Duke Ellington, Casanova, or Oscar Wilde.  It’s great!!  I read at least 5 sex and relationship books weekly, and this is the best book I’ve read this year.
It’s the science of sneaking up on a unsuspecting “victim” and bringing them to their knees with love, lust, eroticism, longing and want. My books tell you what to do when you get them into bed, but Greene’s book takes you from stopping them in their tracks with a single look, to having them swoon into your arms.  If you aren’t where you need to be with your lovelife, it’s time to be strategic. If seduction is the Art of War, this is the Manifesto…Sed333