how to have sex until you die

Sex_elderly So my guest tonight was this cool MD, originally from Winnipeg, now living in California who had some great suggestions on staying sexual until our 90’s or they take us away feet first.  His name was Dr. Abraham Kryger His book on hormone’s and a woman’s guide to men’s healthHe said a few very interesting things that I hadn’t heard express in just that way before.
1. He says that men low testosterone have a greater chance of getting prostate cancer.  He’s been using the low dose testosterone creams for years, with great success.  He says that men should have a testosterone check at 50 to give them a baseline of what their normal testosterone should be for them (between 300 and 1200).
2. He said that new information out is that prostate problem may be a vitamin  deficiency, and adding that vitamin to your diet is effective treatment for men with high or elevated PSA (prostate specific androgens).
3. Men are getting chemically castrated by the toxins in the meat and animal fat.
4. The two biggest causes of impotence are a) smoking  b) alcohol.
5. Men’s sprem counts have decreased by 45% over the last decade in the US, the UK, adn France, mainly due to these increased toxins.  While girls puberty has decreases, boys have actually increased.  Scary stuff.
I’ll post the MP3 of the interview for your listening pleasure.