How watching the Red Wings and other hockey games gets you more sex

As a red blooded Canadian girl I understand the appeal of hockey.  In Canada hockey (and Tim Horton’s coffee) is as close as we have to a national religion.There is something about padded guys in hockey jerseys skating around at high speed and winging rubber at each other that gets your heart racing. Fights where a couple of goons go at each other, wild action and big hits are always entertaining to watch. And don’t get me started on the sexy hockey beards…
I’ve long known that if I played my cards right I can usually get sex while watching sports. I written before about the  Monday Night Football half time romp. And my flirty date nights after an evening watching the Sens at Scotiabank Place during those cold winter nights.
But until the new study came out from the University of Michigan, I didn’t have the science of my sports and sex correlation. The University did a great study that involved checking the saliva of men in the stands before and after a Red Wings game to determine their testosterone levels.  (Did  mention that I would be happy to personally check the saliva of the boys in red myself? but I digress…) With no surprise to me watching all of that beef cake win encourages fans to increase their testosterone level by up to 30% – especially of they win. Testosterone is your aggression, sex and brawn type hormone, and will encourage your sweetie to focus on you once the whistle is blown.
Now with the Red Wings going into game 7 against the dreaded Sharks you can’t help but be encouraged about some upcoming “sexy time”. Couple that with some deep fried calamari ( seafood is high in zinc – the sex mineral.and Red Wing fans throw squids on the ice- Yup those large rubbery sea creatures when they score a goal),  and you’ve got a recipe for lov’n.
Go wings go.
ps. As I edit this during the pandemic of Covid-19 and there is no hockey I’m reminded of the strike when you needed to find other things to do. If you need to talk about keeping things hot reach out to me. I promise I won’t be on the clock. And we can talk a few minutes of hockey while we fix your sex life.