How to get laid. And how men screw up to push women away

I’ve been doing a series on Tiktok on “How to get laid”. This is less about dating and more about finding an abundance of sexual partners. I have over 15,000 followers (nobody was more surprised than I was) so follow me at wearetheducklings (the cool name of my social group @

What I have been talking about is ways to not scare off potential sexual rendezvous. What many men don’t seem to realize is that women want, need & like sex. We just need to feel valued, safe, not judged, and secure in order to let loose. Give us a safe way to let loose and we are putty in your hands.

Here is how men screw things up. I’ve been helping a close friend of mine find potential partners. She is looking both for men to have casual sex with and men to date.  She’s beautiful, smart, kind, single and you would think it would be easy.  I know how many potential partners there are out there for her. She came to the cottage this past weekend and I set her up on Bumbl. I picked her pictures, wrote her ads (I can do it for you too if you want to book a session) and started 23 conversation with men she matched with over the weekend. I couldn’t believe how man of them blew it.

If you bare a guy who has more dates than they know what to do with then this advice may not be for you. But she’s attracted to nerdy guys who like tech, gaming, scifi, & who can also carry on a conversation. She’s kind and is less concerned about looks. A great all round person who loves sex. Those guys aren’t getting thousands of matches. After going through pages of guys on the aps ( and writing over 40 men) this is what I found were the issues with the guys that couldn’t score with a kind, friendly, willing girl who wants to get touched.

  1. Terrible pictures! No bathroom selfies, get a friend to take an outside, SMILING picture of yourself. Humans smile at each other to show we are safe. No arms crossed I look cool pics.
  2. When you compliment a woman you don’t know (even if she wants sex) stick to compliments above her neck or below her knees. Or mention her dog, guitar, location but do not comment on her body parts!!!!
  3. Don’t criticize her profile or pictures. You don’t know her and it will kill it right there. I had 3 guys immediately ask for body shots. Are you Fuck’n kidding me? How to shut down things immediately.
  4. Be interesting. She had a few that were polite but had nothing to talk about on the first call. Read a paper and have something to say about three topics of interest.
  5. Be engaged. The first guy she had a video call with was watching TV while he was talking to her. Sigh. Rude and clueless.
  6. Talk about things that make you seem safe. Playing with your kids, dog, nephew, talking your Mom shopping, volunteering for the food bank etc.
  7. Let her bring up sex first. Don’t even imply it. No words like play, sensuous, kink etc until she opens the door. And then you are in.
  8. CHILL OUT. Quality women are busy and may take a day or two to get back to you. Don’t bombard with messages and come across as needy. And expect it to take 3 relaxed meetings MINIMUM before she gets naked.
  9. NO DICK PIC’s. Unless she begs you.

I have a bunch more. And I coach both men and women on how to connect and get laid. Follow my tiktok videos and know that for a $140 I can set you up and coach you on how to get laid. Guaranteed.