How Can I Get My Partner To Talk Dirty To Me In Bed?

I find it absolutely the biggest turn on when my partner talks dirty to me. Any suggestions on how I can get her to increase the foul mouth gab during sex?
Dear Eager,
So you like to hear her describe in that rude and graphic way of hers how she would like to take that big, hunk of hairy manhood and …
You’re not alone. According to both the Janus Report, and The Sex in America Study using explicit language while having sex is popular with over 55 per cent of sexually active adults. In fact there are lots of men who find their partner’s heavy breathing, illicit language and passionate moaning pushes them to intensely powerful orgasms. And women being even more auditory than men (men tend to be more visual) find that a lover who uses the right kind of language can be labeled as a Sex God. Try reading to her before you make love. Start with something romantic and well written, –Lady Chatterly’s Lover comes to mind — and read her the erotic parts. Women tend to prefer more romantic language but good erotica can use four letter words with the best of them. Tell her naughty bedtime stories, encourage her to read them to you, and in a non-threatening way, let her know how much her talking is making you hot. Bring up the subject out of the bedroom, and be careful not to insist on having her provide a “play-by-play” every time you make out. Sometimes you don’t want to work that hard, and women especially find it annoying to have to talk all the way through the best parts when they want to just live in the moment. That said, it’s not too much to ask your partner to meet you in the middle and try her best to whisper naughty nothings into your ear. Amen.