Ottawa Sex Counseling & Coaching

Most people walk into my office and feel nervous and anxious. They walk out feeling heard and with a clear plan to solve whatever sexual issue is taking up a great deal of brain space. Sexual problems usually are as a result of a physical problem, an emotional or psychological issue, a relationship challenge or what I like to call “the habit of sex”. My job is to understand which of the buckets (or combination of issues) are presenting and come up with a plan to solve them. I generate a number of options and look at your unique situation on how to best implement them.

Discussions about sex are about putting heads together and solving the problem quickly. My job is to make you feel safe and comfortable. Not to put you on the hot seat. I’m very pragmatic and focus on solutions, rather than problems. I am an expert on sex drive, performance issues (lasting longer, harder, orgasms etc.), sexual obsessions, hormones, low libido, fetish and marital issues related to sex. I tell clients that if “it’s it between your knees and your waist I’ve got it covered.”

The more formal details are below and my bio can be read here.
I see clients virtually. My rate is $125 (plus HST or $140) for a 55 minute session. There are no insurance receipts issued.

I’m doing a great deal of my work in the area of low libido, hormones, differing sexual desires, lifestyle (and alternative sexual dynamics like swinging and polyamory), and male challenges like Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, and sexual anxiety. My Low Libido program works with in combination with counseling, date night coaching, bio-identical hormones, and supplements. The low libido program works within 5 sessions.

You can send an email to quickly and easily schedule an appointment at either location at (suem at rogers .com). Or you can purchase a counseling session immediately below and I can get you in within 48 hours. I look forward to meeting you and I can help!

$125 by Zoom, Phone Facetime (30 minute half time sessions are also available).
Etransfer is easiest.