hello Mr. prostate, I'm happy to prod you

Prostate2Urologists say that every man who lives long enough will have trouble with their prostate.  My favourite expression is that get to know it guys, because it will bite you in the ass when you least expect it.
It’s a cool thing, the prostate. Like a little donut, it circles the vas defrens (the tube that brings semen out of the body).  It produces most of the fluid in cum or ejaculate, and lines up perfectly on xray with the female G-Spot. So it’s guy’s P spot,or G spot equivalent and can give you a “different” kind of orgasm when stimulated.  Not like the visit to the proctologist, that’s just uncomfortable, necessary, but uncomfortable), stimulation of the prostate can feel really, really good.  Loaded with nerve endings there are two ways to reach it. One massaging between the back of the testicles and the anus, and the other, (only if you have short finger nails), but gentle stimulation inside by moving it slowly back and forth.  One of the top five most common phone sex fantasies (I would love to get a grant to study that), is men being penetrated by their partners a la strap on.  hey, if you want to do me there, I want to do you there….
They don’t know why the prostate suddenly starts to enlarge, but it can hold toxins, and one of the best ways to “clean it out” is by regular, frequent ejaculations. That means, masturbating a few times a week if you don’t have a partner, or asking someone who likes you to help you out.  Tell them it’s medicinal, and your sex therapist told you to do it. 🙂
If you are single or in an open relationship there are a few massage therapists who will offer manual stimulation to help the prostate. Send me a note directly and let’s talk about that.
In the meanwhile, listen to my 90 second audio on the visit to the proctologist.