Girls watching other girls bump and grind

Mitzy So girls night out this past week was spent watching the hottest strippers around.  No Chippendales dancers for my small gaglle of women, we went to see traditional burlesque women dancers, who took it down to pasties, adn garters.  Hot, classy, feminine I was blown away at just how much fun it looked. This is the best of the 30’s and 40’s stripping before it became lap dancing and champagne rooms. An even group of men and women, I had a great time!  Miss Mitzy Cream, the leader of the pack of a group called the Kitten Revue I want her wardrobe! check out the photo page, it’s so sexy!Mitzy2

My two favourite numbers were a 40’s Bugle Boy sailor number, and a Hawaiian grass skirt hula that left the guy beside me breathless.  Forget pole dancing for your man, it’s about ultra feminine, girl power!  Break out the pasties and like the Chris De Burgh Patricia the Stripper song (it was the final number) says, "get men tumbling down in heaps before your feet."  I’m out shopping for corsets!