Female Ejaculation Video Squirting Training Course

She didn’t think I knew anything about her body, until I had her reaching a gushing G spot orgasm! I needed at snorkel there was so much fluid!
Give me 40 minutes, and we’ll train you to have her reaching an incredible G spot orgasm…Let me Prove it – Guaranteed. Find out what great lovers know how to do to their partners, with the top new thing in sex, Female Ejaculation!
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• The Mystery of the Female Ejaculation video download
• Quivering Jello G Spot book – PDF Book
•The 10 Quick Steps to Reaching a G-Spot Orgasm – PDF Book
As a sex therapist, I’m convinced that 95% of women can learn to ejaculate and achieve an incredibly powerful vaginal G spot orgasm and release cupfuls of fluid known as female ejaculation. Female ejaculation is the most intriguing and sought after information in sex, and this is the preeminent training video on the subject. Everyone, and I mean everyone wants to know about squirting and this video shows you how to get your partner there any time you want.
Discovered the most sought after information about sex done as a fascinating, explicit step-by-step training video!
Host and International sex expert, therapist, and syndicated talk show host Sex with Sue has this to say about female ejaculation:
“I stumbled upon female ejaculation by accident. I went to a sex therapy convention in California, and at a small break-out session a woman demonstrated brought herself to orgasm with a G spot vibrator in front of us and gushed a milkbag worth of clear, fluid all over the floor. Thinking this was the coolest party trick I had ever seen (and knowing it didn’t look or smell like urine), I started asking around. A few women could do it, but when I asked doctors and gynecologists they all thought I was crazy, and didn’t know what I was talking about.! I heard of some women who went to their doctors for surgery thinking something was wrong because they produced fluid. I interviewed hundreds of women about G spot orgasms for my best selling book Quivering Jello: How to Have Mind-Blowing, Toe-Curling Orgasms. I found out all the tricks, techniques and step by step instructions for learning to orgasm vaginally from G spot stimulation. It was a straightforward step to learn how to ejaculate from there. I’m convinced that it is abundantly healthy for women to clean out their genitals and release fluid in this way, not to mention if feels amazingly wonderful when it happens!”
Learn from a couple who knows, in a fun, fast, easy, and oh-so-sexy way!
This isn’t 20 year old porn stars peeing all over themselves, (with no idea how, or what they are doing), this is a how to video hosted by the leading experts in the field (Sex with Sue, and Blake aka Professor Squirt) showing real women learning and achieving female ejaculation. This video shows close up of every day women (beautifully shot in living color) actually learning and achieving vaginal orgasms and producing the clear fluid known as female ejaculate or squirt. Sue discusses what things women need to do in order to ready their bodies for vaginal orgasms and the release of fluids. Some women produce only a palmful, while other soak through five towels and need drop sheets, and plastic covers over their beds.
Get more sex when she’s orgasm easily, soaking the sheets, and screaming in ecstasy!
Blake, known as Professor Squirt who has a degree in anatomy, and is Sue’s personal as well as professional partner is easy to follow and clearly articulates to men what needs to happen to get women ready and primed to gush all over you. Blake explains the differences between finger and penile stimulation, tricks to try if she’s not responding, the secret of differing pressures, and specific details that will coax her body to respond every time. Between the two of them, as both experts and by understanding the sensations themselves, they have developed a system for teaching g spot orgasms and female ejaculation.
There is now a system to learn how to learn the top sexual techniques! Become the partner of her dreams with a 40 minute how-to lesson GUARANTEED!
What’s different about this video is that it is taught by a couple who can explain both the male and female roles, including sexy, but real couples participating in a way that’s has you getting there immediately.
Julie R said this after participating in the video: “He thought I wasn’t reaching orgasm….and then I soaked the bed! I really learned how to change my muscles and push from my vagina to expel buckets of fluid!”
40 minutes and you’ll learn to bring any woman to orgasm, and have a strong effect on the women you are sexual with. They will lie spent, exhausted, satisfied, and overwhelmingly sexually complete in your arms. Great sex is messy sex, so bring out the extra towels!
Women will learn to orgasm at will and never again be frustrated sexually!
This is the School of Sex course you can’t miss! For the price of a dinner out, you can enter the top 1% of sexually skilled lovers, and be able to give your partner an experience that very few know how to give. This is credible training, by world caliber sex therapists and this video offers a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with the content and instruction. For less than a night of drinks at the bar you get the skill set of a lifetime. $97 includes the best video, complete with lots of explicit sexual content that trains you step by step in reaching a G spot, squirting orgasm.
At Last – North America’s preeminent sex therapist training you to be at your peak sexually!
Buy now and you get the 100 page best selling book Quivering Jello included with colored pictures and a detailed map to follow.
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This is more than great content, this is the only clear instruction on learning to squirt using real people on the web! Couples will feel very comfortable watching this, but will also get great value with close ups and specific shots from the over ten participants who volunteered to be in this video! Real people having real orgasm with two of the best sex experts in the world. You too can have this kind of sex training!
This is the definitive video and accompanying best selling book that will have you trained in no time! The women in your life will want to try it immediately and will start bragging to their girlfriends with that secret smile on the face! Women do talk, (especially about sex, and will become increasingly more sexual as her ease and ability to reach a vaginal orgasm (instead of the regular clitoral kind) starts happening every time she has sex.
Sex with Sue, and her partner Blake- or Professor Squirt will work with each partner with integrity, humor and lots of sexual close ups to give you the #1 video on G spot orgasms ever produced.
Buy now and you’ll get the best selling book on orgasms, and the most direct system on achieving incredible G spot orgasms. You’ll be giving her orgasms in less than an hour. A bargain at twice the price, buy now for your money back guaranteed video on reaching squirting Female Ejaculation Orgasms.
Ps. Get more information about Sue’s experience and extensive knowledge at www.sexwithsue.com, and follow up with even more real life testimonials from people who have learned to give amazing squirting orgasms and are just like you!
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• The Mystery of the Female Ejaculation video download
• Quivering Jello G Spot book – PDF Book
•The 10 Quick Steps to Reaching a G-Spot Orgasm – PDF Book
The 10 Quick Steps to Reaching a G-Spot Orgasm as described on the Sexapalooza stage.
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