Female ejaculate- What is that sticky stuff I squirt anyway?

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Squirt4 I was having a discussion of female ejaculation and it’s properties with a couple of other people over the holidays. One of my patients wondered about the chemical make up of female “squirting fluid”, and “where does it all come from?” He mentioned that his one experience with a women who produced large amount of fluid, and how the fluid seemed to dry unnaturally fast. It seemed to evaporate quickly and he wanted to know how the whole thing worked.
In my experience, female ejaculate is clear, slightly sticky, and depending on the time of the month either smells stronger (muskier or more urine-like) or fresh and more clover smelling. Women’s ejaculate is similar in composition to male prostate fluid (without semen qualities). It turns out that women have a tiny remnant prostate (and can be tested on a PSA test for the presence of prostate antigens).
Dr. Shannon Bell at York University, tested her ejaculate and found it had a higher ph, less urea, and less creatinine.  There is also glucose (sugar) that gives the fluid it’s taste and sticky texture. When the g spot is stimulated (and it is an organ you can feel with experience, not just a spot on the vaginal wall). The ten tips on www.sexwithsue.com tell you how to achieve a g spot orgasm (all women’s g spots vary in sensitivity from slightly numb to extremely sensitive). You can also get the squirting documentary we produced at www.schoolofsquirting.comto see real people learning and achieving real female ejaculations.
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