Fear of sun burn on the oh-so delicate flesh

As a natural blonde of Scottish decent, I don’t tan, rather I ignite. My ancestors lived in a cave in the North Atlantic, eating cod, and having their hairy legs protect them from the sun. So I have two skin tones, fish belly white, and sunburnt red, and despite the spf 120, I end up with attractive red blotches all over my back. I admit to being envious of those nicely tanned people, despite the skin cancer warnings.

I have this friend who is a practising nudist (as opposed to an non-practicing…). Wonderful person, ordinary job (software guy), spends weekends streaking at a nudist campground and doing everything in the buff. I’m intrigued enough to consider dropping in for a swim this summer. It’s not that I haven’t been naked in public before. Give me any excuse to be au naturel, and you’ll have me frolicing a la mid summer’s night – gloriously naked. I’ve never been modest, despite my regular adage of "if you’ve got it flaunt it, if you don’t, for God’s sakes cover it up". I have my share of train track stretch marks, and cellulite, but we sex therapists are prepared to take one for the team.  My concern is the previously mentioned sun sensitivity.  I know you are not suppose to apply sunscreen to babies and certain mucus membranes, but where is the research on well razored, exfolliated, and waxed vulvas? A google search give me few facts.  I guess I’ll just have to do some "hands on research. So if I come home scratching my bottom with bug bites, and needing special apres sun skin cream on soft tissues, you can tell me to stop whinning.