Duck sex

Ducks It’s summer in the city, and I have been doing my cardio along the Ottawa River parkway instead of a sweaty gym in the mornings. The river is beautiful as the sun comes up and I walk/jog and make friends with the wildlife.  Actually it’s more walk, pant, gasp and do penace for the chocolate kryptonite stuff, and the river is the only place private enough for me to find a bush to pee behind every half hour.  How do the marathoners handle bladder control?
Anyway, I usually see  herons, a whole bunch of noisy, obnoxious geese, and some very cool ducks.  I often remind my patients to be gentle with themselves about their sexual desires, and this mornings animal matings were a good example of why. We really are animals.  Only 2% different from chimps, we certainly should be mating, eating and living like them in my opinion. If every living cell has two primary functions – to survive and reproduce, then once your tummies were full, the thought is on sex.  So if you are thinking about it every four seconds, then it’s perfectly normal.
So I’m walking at the shoreline and the ducks are moving radidly out of the way as I’m no longer a source of breadcrumbs.  All except for a mating pair, very close to the shore. The coloured male looks at me mid-stroke in some ways pleading with me not to interrupt.  Communing with a very focused mallard. The Robin Williams skit about daffy duck reaching orgasm went through my head. I voyeristically watched until he had done what he set out to do, and then he paddled away.  Sex, a powerful, and very natural motivator. I hope it was good for them.
And speaking of sexy Ducks, I run a social group called The Ducklings. It’s currently in five cities in North America (and expanding) and is the place for sexy but safe date nights. If you want to find out more and get a list of sexy date night ideas check out the coolest community on the continent.