Dr. Squirt, and the wonders of female ejaculation

I was sitting around the dinner table on vacation last week with a few other couples, talking about what else, sex. The subject quickly moved to a topic that I think is on everyone’s mind (and where there is still a great deal of myths surrounding it) the issue of female ejaculation and G spot orgasms.
Not only did I write the book on it (Quivering Jello: How to Have Mind-Blowing, Toe-Curling Orgasms, after speaking with 300 women who could squirt), but I experience it, have witnessed it first hand, and truly believe that 85% of all women can get there. My partner, (who I nicknamed Dr. Squirt), thinks that the number is more like 95%. I am saddened that women still can’t get there (despite the mounds of laundry it generates), and it takes a belief that you can get there, a willingness to “bare down” like you’re going to be, and above all, a relaxed approach. The men who have partners that experience these contractions and floods (from my half a cup to the litre that some women produce), all say that relaxing is the key. I think it is more of a troubleshooting approach of trying different things until it works, but I am convinced that unless you have a physical problem and damaged parts, you can get there. Check out my free top 10 G spot tips off my site and get your sweetie to wash his hands and dive in. I promise, you can do it too.
Let’s have you coming buckets. If you still have trouble reaching orgasm let’s have a conversation and get you screaming their names.