Do women "dry up" at 50?

50_foot So do women after 50 have no interest in sex, and if they do, do they require vats of lube?

If you ask men sitting around a table over 45, many of them would be teasing and joking about how they never get sex anymore, and that they all have to beg for it.  Apparently, this is just a veiled way of covering up the fact that many of them, aren’t getting it nearly as much as they would like. Consistently, men tell me that women don’t appreciate that they need sex, and think about it at least 6 times a day….(on average according to the Sex in America study)

Women as they hit menopause, seem to be giving up sex for lent or much, much longer. Menopause never improves women’s libido, and given the stress, and chaos of modern living, the cortisol or stress hormone levels in women’s bodies biologically turn down the heat to almost non-exisitant for many women. Hey, if you stress animals enough, the first thing that goes is their ability to go into heat. Think of looming deadlines, the pile of laundry, kids and aging parents, and you have a receipe for no sex.  And the longer you go without it, the less likely you are to kickstart it. You need interest, arousal, lubrication, decent technique, timing and an orgasm to really enjoy sex.  If one of those things are off for women, she’s starting to do her laundry list in her head while her partner is huffing and puffing on top of her.

I’m going to offer up some suggestions for fixing the drought in upcoming blogs.  in the meanwhile, know that many guys are going to explode from lack of sex, and masturbation simply isn’t cutting it.