Dating Coaching. Meet your perfect love match in 3 months.

My parents met in high school. My grandparents were next door neighbors. 200 years ago you only had people in your village as potential partners. Now the world is your oyster. And there are dating sites that reflect that. In fact there are hundreds of sites with tens of thousands of profiles. Finding a partner can be daunting.
But even with a huge glut of people to choose from so many individuals are still single. I really get it. As a relationship therapist, one of the most common questions I get in my practice is “How and where (in God’s green earth) can I find a partner?” It can be frustrating, time consuming, and as one woman said to me recently “a soul crushing experience”.
It doesn’t have to be. The truth is that there are set skills and insights that can make finding that special someone a lot easier. It starts with identifying what you want out of a partner and where you have had challenges in the past. Are you looking for a kind person who understands you and that you can bring to your office Christmas party? An intelligent person who looks good and likes sex? Do you want a soul mate or magical relationship?
If you’ve not thought about these things in relation to your next partner it may be time. Find your sexy self and where you’ve been stuck in the past. Get beyond the “just friends” mantra or understand why you only seem to be attracted to the “wrong kind of partners”. It’s time to take action.
I have an online program that will have you meeting your perfect partner in 3 months.
It’s usually not a long, drawn-out, talk-about-your-mother kind of process.
$225 for the whole package. Here’s what you get:

You get three 30 minute sessions with me (they usually run $80 for 30 minutes but these are reduced to $50). We will figure out what you are really looking for in a partner,

You get a FREE 6 month membership in the newest, most authentic dating site around.

Duckling Dating authentic connecting within a kind, sexy community

Duck dating is  a new model, open to everyone, fun, sexy, local, verified

It makes dating warm and safe.

Tied to real events and belong to a group who wants to get to know you!

I run a successful date night group   that has it’s own online dating portal. It’s vetted, relevant, authentic, kind, and effective.
As part of the counseling, there is homework each session, and the goal is to figure out what’s holding you back, what kind of baggage you are carrying, and what exactly does a life partner look like for you? It’s a four pronged approach of self-awareness, clarity of what you are looking for, best way to hit a target you can see, and implementing a plan of action.
It is also important to figure out how you want to share your life with someone. And then we pull the trigger and make it happen. You commit to the process and I commit to pulling out all of the stops to get you comfortably finding love again. I’m offering up a special package that includes understanding past relationships, figuring out what you really want from a partner, writing ads, putting you up on the  blended sites, and coaching through the process all for a mere $225. It’s a three week plan and we have you meeting a life partner (whatever model you desire within 3 months).
Make some changes in your life now.
If your life is missing a partner (or partners if you are poly) and you are serious about wanting to find intimacy and love, try specific, accredited experienced therapy. This is dating coaching plus relationship counseling and problem solving all in one. Buy it now!