Cool Aphrodisiacs you probably never heard of.


 Like most people who have had the same email address for years, I’m still getting loads of sex spam in my inbox. I keep waiting for some cool new sex news to pop in, but the descriptions of “magic” pills that increase penis size, solve premature ejaculation, and generally have you leaping buildings in a single bound. Most of them are absolutely fake, (there isn’t a pill for penis size or PE solutions, sorry check out www.solveprematureejaculation.netfor some real solutions) and there are only a few Internet supplements like the testosterone based herbs that can aid in erections or cause you to get a little interested. As I continue my work on women’s sex drive, as the libido coach I keep looking for new and viable things that actually put you in the mood.

Here is my list of things I think actually can increase testosterone levels, and aren’t

Basil (sweet): The scent of basil was said to drive men wild. Women have been known to sprinkle dry crushed basil on their breasts to keep their husbands’ eyes from wandering.

Coconut:Gerry the postman says it’s the smell of coconuts that drive him wild. I just know that the coconut ice cream I had in Mexico, (and now new coconut yogurt I’m buying) makes me very wiggly.

Durian:Despite its foul-smell, this thorny fruit is considered an aphrodisiac in Southeast Asia. There’s a saying in Indonesia: “When the durian fruit comes down, the skirts come up!”

Ginger: Ginger root has been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries because of its scent and its ability to stimulate the circulatory system.  I think it’s the ginger and cinnamon together that makes it most powerful. The researchers i quoted last month from the University of Southern California claim that the baking pumpkin pie increases testosterone faster than anything.

Licorice (black): In ancient China, the distinct aroma of black licorice was considered a powerful stimulant, with powers to enhance love and lust.

Pine Nuts: Pine nuts are also high in zinc and have been used for centuries to make up love potions that stimulate the libido.

Dark chocolate and red wine – are the best panty removers around, but if you’ve been following my site www.sexwithsue.comfor awhile you are already the uber lover that knows that. More on this coming up as the U of Edinburgh publishes thier sex research this week.