Body Image, Hormones and Boudoir

body image 88As someone who has had more than her share of weight and body image challenges (I have lost over 180 pounds at one time) I continue to research the correlation between hormones, libido and body image as one of the major focuses of my practice. The need to come to terms with the body you have and be gentle with it is something I preach with clients. It’s hard to feel sexy when you are beating yourself up. So a few times a year I host a body image group that ends in a boudoir shoot. With lots of champagne and chocolate. So we have a group starting Tuesday June 14th from 7 to 9:45pm. If you are struggling with weight, body image, hormones and feeling sexy then come join us for three weeks of the best speakers in the city on finding your sexy self.
Small group to kick those crazy messages about your negative body image to the curb for good! Free with your extended health benefits. A boudoir session (with a seriously discounted price) will happen at the end of the workshop so you can find your sexy self.
I believe that all women have body image issues. It’s an issue I see coming up again and again with women in therapy. I see women who have been married for years, have children whose husbands have never seen them naked. I see women who hate their bodies despite having a body I wish I had. I see women for whom food is still the enemy. And ones who think they are too fat to have sex.
There is such a need to re-claim our bodies, start seeing our toes again, and feel sexy in the process that I am starting a women-only 2 hour weekly group starting Tuesday, June 14th 2016 for 3 weeks. It’s going to be small, proactive, and empowering. Think cutting edge information on hormones, weight, and nutrition. Its about learning to love yourself and find your sexy self in the process. The previous groups become have been magic. We connect, we get to the root of these very chewy issues, and we reclaim our intimacy. Amazing speakers, a tremendous amount of material, and a whole new you before the holiday food frenzy begins. Space is very limited. Send me an email now at if you’re interested in yourself again.
Balance your hormones, get support and lose weight.
A new women-only support and information workshop that will offer up new solutions and creative ways to connect hosted by Sexuality and Relationship Therapist Sue McGarvie.
The 3 week Workgroup starts Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 for women who want to gain confidence explore sexuality and body image issues and meet like-minded friends.
Is your sexuality diminished because of body-image issues? Well, for many people, its hormonal imbalances that are causing the weight gain. Any woman who has craved chocolate before her period understands the link between food and hormones. Where do you get support that doesn’t make you feel “like nobody understands?”
Clinical Relationship Therapist, Talk Show Host and Hormonal Expert Sue McGarvie has a new program to balance your hormones, and help you feel better about your body.
And Sue should know. Sue lost over 170 pounds simply through hormonal balancing and an understanding of personal bio-chemistry. Her bestselling book The Libido Diet, outlined the specific steps that let her lose half her body weight. Sue is committed to losing that last 40 pounds herself and wants to bring in all the best experts to help model a new support program of fun, love and acceptance.
Find out what you may be missing for real change in a supportive, group environment that brings together Ottawa’s best experts in health, weight loss, hormones and body image.
A month of four Saturday mornings starting June 14th for 2 hours. 7 to 9:30 on Tuesdays. $300 total with full insurance receipts.
81 Pooler Ave. Refreshments
Group support, hormonal solutions, and the latest in sexuality and health information. Be informed and supported.
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Testimonials about the previous groups! Gee Thanks!
Thank you for an amazing experience with our women’s group. It has opened up new doors for me, in ways I could not have imagined. For the first time in ages I feel like I am in control and I can make my dreams come true! I will miss our weekly group but hope to continue my work- moving forward! Thanks so much.
Thanks Sue! I loved our group.
I had fun today. Feel much better than I did when I arrived. Thanks for your great company and inspiration. S
Once again, I really benefited from the Saturday woman’s group. A very unique but beneficial service!
Sign up now! Full receipts will be provided at the first session!