Best date nights when the weather gets yucky and cold

It’s November. The clocks have gone back and at least in my part of the world it’s gotten cold. -18 with the wind tonight. Halloween is over and Christmas seems like a long way off. For our American friends the holidays are approaching with a list of things to do. The date nights are hard to initiate and get motivated.
The urge to pull the covers over your heads is strong. But relationships need time, energy and enthusiasm. Even (or especially) when it’s hard to do.
I’ve borrowed some of the list from my friends at Elite and have added a few of my own. I have a list of more sexual things you might try
1. Go for a dip in a local hot spring (or hot tub).
2. Hit the ice rink or pond for some adorable couples skating.
3. Go for a stroll (or cruise around in a nice warm car) to look at all holiday lights together.
4. Take a stroll in a nearby state park and pack a thermos of some adult (aka spiked) hot chocolate.
5. Do a winter wonderland photoshoot.
6. Hit the slopes for a snowboarding or sledding adventure.
7. Hike a local nature trail. It’s gorgeous out there, so why not see it together?
8. Fire up a bonfire on the beach or in your backyard and roast some s’mores.
9. Crack open your local parks and rec guide to find local winter events or programs you didn’t even know existed in your town.
10. Book a trip to somewhere with warmer climates. Hawaii sounds amazing right about now.
11. Break out some boardgames or jigsaw puzzles and play over steaming cups of mulled wine.
12. Check out Atlas Obscura and visit some nearby strange and unusual attractions or museums.
13. Or go the total opposite and play tourist at your most popular local attraction.
14. With the weather turning colder, less fortunate folks and our furry friends need even more help than in the warmer months. Pick a cause and volunteer together.
15. Speaking of furry friends, go visit them in the zoo or at the aquarium.
16. Play some indoor sports together like indoor mini golf, going for swim at the local indoor pool, or bowling a few games.
17. Scale an indoor rock climbing wall together.
18. Arcades are making a comeback and oftentimes they even serve drinks, so gather up your quarters and go get your Ms. Pac-Man on.
19. Head to a local brewery to taste all the awesome seasonal beers. Mmmm so pumpkin-y.
20. Test your teamwork skills with an escape room (seriously, these are so fun).
21. Rent a cabin up in the mountains or by a lake and just try not to have the most romantic weekend.
22. Netflix and chill is for the rest of year, but Netflix and snuggle? That’s my idea of winter fun. Not sure what to watch? Each of you should pick their favorite movie and make it a double feature.
23. Make an amazing dinner together at home. Pick something that makes you feel cozy in the winter and use lots of seasonal veggies.
24. Snuggle up in front of a fire with some spiked hot chocolate or bundle up under a blanket together and watch the sunset with a couple of mugs.
25. Embrace your inner child by building a pillow fort… and then do really adult things inside it.
26. Paint your toes or groom each other. It’s one of the most bonding things you can do together.
27. Put on some fast music and dance.
28. Come to a Ducklings event! Or check us out and duplicate one of our crazy ideas!
29. Develop a hobby together! Beekeeping course, salsa dancing, beginner volleyball, paint nights….
30. SEX! As your sex therapist I’m actively encouraging you to get naked!