Sue McGarvie will, “in the nicest possible way”, take your audience from lube to romance items that require batteries, tongues and toes, and every orifice in between, on your quest to learn what they didn’t teach you in Grade 11 gym class.
Sue, the syndicated talk shoe host of Love and Romance, and Sex with Sue minutes is heard on Canada’s #1 Talk Radio station (CFRB Toronto) and is picked up internationally. Her television show Unzipped, aired on Global in 2004 and Sue will launch her new series on CTV in 2005. As President of United Nations, Sue’s UNIFEM Canada, the Women’s Development Fund of The United Nations, Sue’s expertise and experience in Reproductive medicine is sought after, and with a global understanding of the issues surrounding women, Sue offers a practical and truly professional presentation to women’s groups, medical and pharmaceutical audiences, and school and parent groups.

A talk that will have you realizing just how much you didn’t know, Tips, Toys and Techniques, will be a truly fun and memorable way to learn what’s now beyond the birds and the bees.