Bait and Switch.. the new relationship motto

I have a bit of a penchant for smart, funny, literate men. I wrote about my not-so-secret hankering for Andy Kessler The author of The End of Medicine who fills all my requirements and looks hot on his book cover picture.  Hey, if he smells nice, I may run away with him.

Not to be fickle, (sorry Andy), but I’ve got a new favourite this week. As I whittle down my pile of holiday paperbacks, (the good, the great, the bad, and the really bad) I found a gem. Bait and Switch, a book, that the back cover calls "a smart, funny, sexy, scary ride". It helps that Larry Brooks is an ex pro baseball player who looks like he still fills out his leather jacket exceptionally well. Even if he doesn’t smell nice, I may be inclined to run away with him

Larry_brooks Anyway, my new sweetie Larry wrote some very interesting things about fantasy, power and sexual domination in this book of his.  His thoughts about how women are looking "to lose herself in the desire, in the embrace, in the bonds of a cruel master, with the gifts of her suffering… the darkness, she has no accountability for her own, she is a little girl again, a victim to her own beauty.  It’s so twisted upin explanations, in right and wrong, in shame and guilt, when in fact she just needs one thing…the be desired… to be consumed." 

And that’s just a taste. Larry has a clear understanding of how men in power respond sexually. For all the type A patients I see- the bigger they are, the more submissive they are.  He talks about why women and how the whole dance connects to her past…"it’s all about some inexplicable craving, some dark forbidden pleasure, when you know it’s much more, that it’s the salving of old wounds, the feeding of demons, and it’s never going away…."

Well, I think that boy understands, ( in a Darth Vader kind of way) the dark side.