As a Speaker

Coming from a family of naturally funny people, (many of them could, and have done stand up comedy), I learned how to many a spectacle of myself in front of thousands of people. I’ve keynoted in front of audiences of as many as 7,000 (I was very nervous for that one), or for small groups where I bring out my anatomically correct hand puppet and my ukulele. I have spoken at bridal trade shows across North America about “what makes great marriages”. However, by far my most popular presentaiton is to women’s groups on “keeping it hot”. How to have sex with the same guy for decades without running screaming into the night. My big market is women, 35-55 on hormones, libido, and why we all have times when we want to strangle our husbands, and bury them in the backyards.
You would hardly recognize me during my ‘I am CEO, hear me roar” business speech, where I put my hair up and put on my red business suit. I can deliver a kick-ass business seminar or keynote, on sexual harassments, interpersonal relationships at the office and sexual business ethics. It’s my professional (with only the most appropriate humor) speech for business audiences, I call “Hand in the Cookie Jar”, or what to do about sex on the boardroom table. See attached PDF.
In my slightly funnier, but with serious undertones of “this is your life, so wear latex”, presentation for health professionals, Universities, NGO’s and community groups, I can hit the high notes of how we can go “Beyond the Birds and the Bees” in my presentation on the new age of sex, and what to do when you get those urges low in your body. It’s everything they didn’t teach you in grade 9 gym class, but that you always wanted to know. (open the PDF to look at the cool pictures)
A new spin off on this presentation is how “Sex is going mainstream, and how sex fits into modern culture” that has been all the rage at those Advertising conferences that serve those great martinis. You know that sex sells, but want to know why, then pick me, pick me, for a more change from the usual at this year’s convention.
Last but certainly not least, is my hysterically funny (I even crack up), cheeky talk I call “Even Superwomen get Stretchmarks”, about being a woman struggling to do it all, while keeping your relationships hot, all while scraping the gum off the bottom of your high heels. It’s the modern tale that is completely relevant to women’s organizations, businesses that employ women, or for men who really, really want to know what women are talking about during those “bitch sessions with their girlfriends”. I’m never mean, know how to read audiences, and can tone it down when necessary. Try it you’ll love it, it’s almost as good as the chocolate I bring to bribe my audiences with.