Another day, another premature ejaculator

Pe_1 I know it’s frustrating. Believe me, I understand it.  I speak to men all day long, who just can’t hang on. It’s also teeth nashing time to be the partner of someone who is a little quick.  If women need 10-14 minutes of intercourse (with indirect contact on their clitoris), and the average guy ejaculates in 4 to 7 minutes, Hell, you do the math.  No wonder 95% of all women have faked it at some point in their lives. ooh, yess..hmm maybe we should paint the ceiling beige…oh yess oh, oh.

So what’s a man (and his concerned partner) to do? There was hope for a new SSRI anti depressant called dapoxetine. It got shot down in the US, is still under advisement in Canada, and will get the nod from the government in the UK. Side effects including dry mouth, vomiting, and get this, erectile dysfunction.  Like many medications, the cure can be worse than what ails you, but for a short term it may help slightly.  And slightly being the operative word. In the trials, men went from lasting one minute to a whopping three minutes (not even average), and it causes erectile dysfunction. Taking anti depressants are one of the top five reasons for erection loss, so taking them for another sexula problem doesn’t make sense.

So, here is Sue’s try-this-at-home,  premature ejaculation therapy for couples.  Instead of watching TV every night this week, or even while you are watching TV, grab some oil, or hand cream and stoke the penis in question.  Rub it when you have a minimum of a half hour to play with. Stroke it until you (or your guy) says "I’m close", then feel at the base of the penis where the tube that runs from the testicles (at the front where the penis and testicles meet) and squeeze – hard. With some practice, you should be able to feel the hard pressure of the semen behind your hand. By pressing down, you send it back into the testicles, and prolong the experience.  You should get close and pull back, six or seven times at least until he begs you to let him go. You can choose to continue the evil treatment or take pity on him.  Get to the point where you can do this for an hour at a time, and you can start trying it during intercourse. I guarantee that you’ll hit at least four minutes after a month, and don’t have to worry about taking pills. 

Besides, it makes watching TV more fun than ever, kick starts your sex life further, and appeals to the sadist in every woman.  Sounds like a win/win to me.