5 new date night ideas this spring.

As I tell my clients finding time for date nights is one of the top five things you can do for your marriage. Other research based steps to great relationships include communicating with humour, putting your partner’s needs first, stopping fighting before it gets miserable among other things.
But something you can do today to improve the quality of your relationship is planning a sexy date night with your sweetie.
Here are 5 new ideas to book right now
1. Museum of Nature Costa Rica butterfly exhibit
Tropical heat, coloured insects, flowers, foliage and a chance to get some amazing pictures make this a favourite.
2. Stargaze. Cozy up under a blanket and watch the stars together. You can search for constellations if you want, or you can just enjoy the view. Google what you are likely to see this time of year, include a bottle of wine and turn your phone off.
3. Beer tasting. Most Groupons have coupons for breweries in your area cheaply. There is a new article about how the hops in beer increase women’s oxytocin levels. Have her wear your sweater and the hormone will crank event higher.
4. Rent a convertible for the day. Celebrate the start of convertible weather by renting one for the day and take a mini road trip with the top down. There’s no better way to enjoy the fresh spring air than having it hit you right in the face while coasting through scenic surroundings with that special someone.
5. Make a time capsule of your date
Whatever you decide to do, make a point to capture one of your spring dates. Hold on to any and all tangible memorabilia, from tickets, to dinner receipts, to brochures, cafe napkins, or wine corks. Gather the mementos in a box, along with a handwritten letter to your future selves. Set it aside (or bury it) and set a future date, next season or even next spring, to open it again together and reminisce in a big way.