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The G Spot orgasm and other adventures in mind blowing orgasms.
Guaranteed, life-changing, step-by-step book of instructions on getting to the elusive G and gushing in a way that you never thought would happen to you.
2. Premature Ejaculation
The best, most practical book for stopping those brief encounters, and lasting way, way, way, longer than the few minutes you are now.
3. The Libido Diet
Sue’s best selling book called Lean and Lusty- The Libido Diet is guaranteed to improve female libido! How to fix your libido if it’s gone south for the winter (or longer), and how to turn yourself into (or back into) the partner you want to become.
Sex and weight loss
This is the story of a world class sex therapist who had tried everything under the sun to lose weight, and how by using her understanding of sex drive and hormones lost 170 pounds and tripled her own sex drive, and that of her patients in the process.
Women’s sex drive
The #1 best selling book by international Sex therapist, and television host Sex with Sue with specific techniques and supplements for improving women’s low lust and libido, and have you wanting to start jumping your partner once again
4. Squirting and Female Ejaculation
Give me 40 minutes, and we’ll train you to have her reaching an incredible G spot orgasm…Let me Prove it – Guaranteed. Find out what great lovers know how to do to their partners, with the top new thing in sex, Female Ejaculation!
5. Improving penis size
Sex with Sue, international sex therapist and television host offers up the latest credible information on ACTUALLY improving penis size, and becoming the kind of lover women are looking for.
6. Sexual herbs, over the counter remedies, and natural solutions (that actually work and aren’t like the spam you’ve gotten for years) for increasing sexual desire, and managing sexual problems and body image.
7. Online Dating- The 2011 new rules, best sites, templates that will have you writing a dating ad that will GUARTANTEE to attract loads of qualified dates or your money back. We have written over 400 first class and unique ads and tell you what pulls. Everything from the 5 things women look for (and it has nothing to do with looks), to the deal breakers that men avoid like the plague. Coupled with Sue’s coaching video, this will systematically give you the skills quickly to find the love of your life or the kind of partners that you want.